Monday, May 9, 2016

Global Blogging Challenge #2

Something my house is there´s three working TVs. It's special because some people have no TVs. That´s why my house is special.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Global Blogging Challenge #1

“I AM” Poem

I am Joey

I wonder if teleportation will ever exist 

I hear people talking

I see students using computers 

I want MONEY

I pretend to be a superman

I feel happy

I touch a computer

I worry when I riding my bike

I cry when I fall off my bike

I am Joey

I understand 1+1 = 2

I say my name´s Jeff

I dream jumping into lava

I try to be good at school

I hope I will create video games someday

I am Joey

Thursday, March 10, 2016

100 Word Challenge

This is my story about the picture.
One day a rich guy from America wanted to invite his friend from Asia and his friend from Africa. So he called them and said  ¨hey can you come to my house I´ll buy the plane ticket.¨ So they came over to the rich guy's mansion and said ¨Why do you want us here?¨ ¨You couldn't of asked me this on the phone,¨ the rich guy replied. ¨I guess I could of but I wanted to come to your house,¨ they said. So they talked and talked.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Minecraft should be in school. It teaches you math because it splits your stuff into stacks [64] so you have to add the stack plus your other ones to figure out how much you have. It also teaches you teamwork because you have to build together. IT'S ALSO FUN! That is why Minecraft should be in school.

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Dogs Are The Best

People are always talking about dogs and cats. People say that cats are best. But I think dogs are best.
Who thinks cats are funny? Dogs can do so many funny things. Cats just lay around! But dogs are like moving funny trains. In 11 reasons dogs are better than cats it says dog owners laughed more than cat owners.
Another reason is dogs keep you moving. But you can still have fun doing it! Who doesn't think walking a dog is fun? In 11 reasons dogs are better than cats it says dogs encourage their owners to walk which is a great form of exercise.
Cats are great pets but obviously dogs are better  than cats.


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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Some Things I Got For Christmas and My Birthday

    Heres some things I got for Christmas.
1. Infinity 3.0!
2. A trampoline!
3.  A Zoomer Chompling
4. A LEGO city set
Heres some things I got for my birthday on December 28.
1. A star wars LEGO set
2. Another LEGO city set
3. 10 dollars
4. Another 10 dollars

And More!
[But I can't remember them.]